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This weekend was spent eating Nutella straight from the jar, running my first half-marathon in weeks, watching a Jimmy Carr stand-up comedy DVD and “botanizing”.


Jimmy Carr

“I once fucked a woman with one leg.”


“I should have used my cock.”

He then goes on to mime using his one leg to fuck a woman.



I ran my first half-marathon on Saturday. At the 4km mark I was lucky enough to witness a guy take a dump behind a tree. I must admit that I really admire his technique. Feet firmly on the ground, hands on knees and arse lifted towards the heaven. It was a sight to behold.

When I relayed the above story to Fahiema, she asked, “Was it a runner?”

Me: What? Are you talking about the person or the consistency of his stool?

Anyway, the race did not go well. I was hoping to set a new personal best (anything under 2:08), but was struck by pins and needles and could barely keep up with the sub 2:15 pacesetter.



The following Instagrams were taken on my hike at Silvermine Nature Reserve.



View from the Elephant's Eye, a cave at Silvermine Nature Reserve.

View from the Elephant’s Eye, a cave at Silvermine Nature Reserve.


I am currently reading, “A splendid thousand sun” by Khaled Hosseni. He’s the very same guy who brought us “The kite runner”.

This weekend I…

  • Attended Juan and Dizzy*’s housewarming. The theme was ‘embrace your stereotype’. Naturally I turned up as a terrorist. I wore a scarf and a jilbab and strapped a clock to my chest. I’d hoped that the clock would clearly represent a bomb. Unfortunately some made the assumption that I’d actually turned up as the “Girl, whose biological clock is ticking”.
  • Went dragon boat racing with my running club. So. Much. Fun. Seriously. I’m actually considering organizing this for my 30th birthday.
  • Bid goodbye to the lovely Mr Schnapps and Dark Knight, who leave for Austria in a couple of days. Since it might be YEARS before they return to Cape Town, they have been gracious enough to extend an invite to visit them. 24 hours later and I’ve already Googled the crap out of Slovenia and Italy, two of the countries I might call on before heading to Austria.

Thanks to these beautiful ladies (and some men not pictured in the above pic), I had a lovely weekend. We ran a short little race (21.1km).

Woke up at 04:15 on race day, only to have a bus load of marathoners laugh at us.

 We had a potjiekos cook-off.

Played an intense game of Jenga, 30 Seconds and Uno. There were allegations of cheating.


Lincoln Memorial

Smithsonian Castle – located on National Mall in DC. The Smithsonian visitor centre is located here.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial located in West Potomac Park. MLK Jr was the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his work against racial segregation. He was assissinated on 4 April 1968.

Read his “I have a dream” speech here.

Naturally I simply had to take a picture of the flowers.


A few months ago, Fahiema and I had a meeting at the Department of Bureaucracy and Red Tape (other people refer to it as the Department of Environmental Affairs). There we spotted an actual hottie.

Now if there’s one thing Fahiema excels at besides GIS and conservation planning, it’s getting the dirt on someone. Seriously, give the girl 6 minutes and she’ll be able to track down a guy’s number plate, banking details and blood type. She’s like Veronica Mars on acid.(Fahiema, I have nothing but love for you girl.)   

So a few days after spotting the hottie, she sent me a message via gchat.

Fahiema: I spoke to Kylie*

                   over the weekend

                   he is married with kids

Me, slightly confused: And during the week he is single and I should hit on him???

Fahiema: LOL! No, I meant that I spoke to Kylie* over the weekend.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.