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A few weeks ago a few of us met up and had supper at Nonna Lina. It was there that I revealed that after 6 years of friendship, I still have NO idea what Dizzy* does for a living.
Dizzy*: My work wants me to utilise my networks to grow the business.
Me: What? They want you to cold call your friends and sell them the internet.
Juan: Yessss. And if you buy four internets she’ll throw in a twitter for free.

This weekend I…

  • Attended Juan and Dizzy*’s housewarming. The theme was ‘embrace your stereotype’. Naturally I turned up as a terrorist. I wore a scarf and a jilbab and strapped a clock to my chest. I’d hoped that the clock would clearly represent a bomb. Unfortunately some made the assumption that I’d actually turned up as the “Girl, whose biological clock is ticking”.
  • Went dragon boat racing with my running club. So. Much. Fun. Seriously. I’m actually considering organizing this for my 30th birthday.
  • Bid goodbye to the lovely Mr Schnapps and Dark Knight, who leave for Austria in a couple of days. Since it might be YEARS before they return to Cape Town, they have been gracious enough to extend an invite to visit them. 24 hours later and I’ve already Googled the crap out of Slovenia and Italy, two of the countries I might call on before heading to Austria.

On Monday, I found out via Twitter that my dear friends, Dizzy* and Juan are engaged. To be married. To each other. This is what Juan had to say about the engagement, “It was touch and go,but in the end the brainwashing and breaking down of her self-esteem worked!”

God, I love you guys and I wish you everything of the best.

During a quick game of 30 Seconds on Saturday night, one of my friends described the 12 apostles as “Jesus’ entourage”.

Thanks to these beautiful ladies (and some men not pictured in the above pic), I had a lovely weekend. We ran a short little race (21.1km).

Woke up at 04:15 on race day, only to have a bus load of marathoners laugh at us.

 We had a potjiekos cook-off.

Played an intense game of Jenga, 30 Seconds and Uno. There were allegations of cheating.