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A few weeks ago, I invited my parents over to supper. On the day they were to dine at my humble abode, I called to remind them of my generous offer. My dad answered the phone. The following conversation ensued.
Me: Are you and mom still coming to supper tonight?
Dad: Hmmm, why don’t you bring the food over to us?
Me: Erm, no.
Dad: Okay. But do you have enough plates?
Yes, after living alone in my apartment for nearly 13 months, my dad wants to know if I have enough plates for three people.

Anyway, I took the following photos at a bachelorette party at the One & Only hotel in Waterfront.

Figs - cake

Cake - One and Only

Bride to be - Mu'mina

Lately, my days have been consumed with work, running, binge watching “House of Cards” (Kevin Spacey is so good) and chatting to the occasional cute boy.

Recent Whatsapp conversation with Fahiema:
Me: I just chatted to a cute boy. Two minutes after talking to him I realised that I had avocado all over my face.
Fahiema: LOL! What’s wrong with him? Totally an invitation for him to come and lick the avocado off your face, right?

Anyway, here’s a recent photo I took at Oblivion, which is one of my all-time favourite hangouts.

Oblivion Quiz Night

Oh and if you have the time, you should totally check out the “I, too, am Harvard” photo campaign. The campaign tries to highlight the voices of black students at Harvard.

We chose Sidewinder Adventures as our sandboarding service providers.

The Snarky One is currently in Florence. This is her view from the rooftop of the hotel. Naturally I’m suffering from a severe case of the jealousies.


Anyway, I’ll be jetting off to Kruger on the 22 May. I will be there for 10 days. Still debating whether I should head on over to Mozambique/Malawi directly after that, or head on home. Tough decisions.