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A few days ago I wrote a blog post on the highlights of my trips abroad. I that post, I proudly proclaimed that the only thing I loved about Paris, was the Louvre. Seconds after posting that, I stumbled on THIS blog post. And now I’m all, “Ooooh pretty. Perhaps I was too hasty. Perhaps I should give Paris a second chance?”

Anyway, here’s part 2 of my travel highlights.

Garden Route (2010) – Watching a woman get stabbed in Jeffrey’s Bay, for daring to steal another man’s alcohol. Ha, I kid. I didn’t actually see her get stabbed. I just saw her prone, bleeding body in the street. Nah, I think that the highlight of this trip would be the treetop zip-lining.

Bali (2011) – Running through streets of Bali during a thunderstorm. It was frightening and exhilarating and I’d never before experienced anything like it. The other highlight of my trip was experiencing my very first earthquake.

Lombok (2011) – Snorkelling. I suffer from claustrophobia. I freak out in tiny dark spaces (and yet I did an underground tunnel tour of the city), and hate having a mask cover my mouth and nose. Preparing myself mentally for the task was the best decision of my life. I swam above a turtle and saw so many incredible looking fish. I tried to memorise the colours and shape of each and every fish. I wanted to describe each fish in detail. It was just such a wonderful experience.

Kula Lumpur (2011) – Eating authentic Indian food off a banana leaf.

New Orleans (2011) – The ghost and phantom tour. Our guide was a comedic genius and I loved every minute of the tour.

Washington DC (2011) – The Lincoln Monument. There’s just something so majestic about the statue. It might just be its size.


 Photos taken in Washington DC.

Above photo taken in New York.

The following passage from Hell’s Angels haunts me. Sensitive readers be warned!

At a party many months after I first met the Angles when they were still taking my presence for granted, I came on a scene that still hovers, in my mind, somewhere between a friendly sex orgy and an all-out gang rape. It was not an Angel party, but they had been invited, and twenty or so showed up for what turned into a two-day bash. Almost immediately several of the outlaws located a girl, the ex-wife of another guest, who agreed to make the beast with two backs in a small building set apart from the main house. Which she did, and happily so, with the chosen trio. But word quickly spread of the ‘new mama’, and soon she was surrounded by a large group of onlookers … drinking and taking a quick turn whenever some vacancy occurred.

I keep a crumpled yellow note from that night; not all of the writing is decipherable, but some of it reads like this: ‘Pretty girl about twenty-five lying on the wooden floor, two or three on her at the time, one kneeling between her legs, one sitting on her face and somebody holding her feet … teeth and tongues and public hair, dim light in a wooden shack, sweat and semen gleaming on her thighs and stomach, standing around yelling, wearing no pants, waiting first second or third turns … girl jerking and moaning, not fighting, clinging, seems drunk, incoherent, not knowing, drowning …’  

Happy New Year folks.

In March of 2011, I went to Bali and Lombok, where I hugged/touched a lot of animals. I also experienced my first earthquake, day of silence, AND got stuck in a thunderstorm during monsoon season.

Here’s to the things that make things worth living.
Here’s to sisters who are willing to antagonise the cat, allowing you to take action shots.
To brothers who make you laugh so hard at his Twitter messages.
To dads who drag your lazy ass to the track.
To moms who have managed to resist the urge to smother your annoying ass with a pillow.
To writing in the third person.
Here’s to friends. Friends who organise staycations and picnics in Kirstenbosch Gardens. To friends who tolerate you budding love of photography. To friends who have listened to you bitch, and allowed you to cry in their presence.
To one-eyed cats who have an affinity for peeing on your bag. Your bag and no one else’s!
To copious amounts of GOOD coffee. Books so good, you’ll end up crying at the airport, giving everyone the impression that you’re leaving behind a lover. Road trips and John Mayer CDs. Summer days, snarky boys and Grey’s Anatomy.
Here’s to never knowing if the day will end with you holding a meerkat in your hand.

In October 2011 I was awarded a full travel scholarship to attend a conference in New Orleans. After 8 days in New Orleans, I travelled to DC, Philly and New York.

Here’s hoping that 2012 will be filled with love and all the things that make life worth living!