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A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to spend a week in Durban with my folks. Here are some Instagram photos of my time there.comradesMy dad and his friend minutes before the start of the Comrades Ultra-marathon. This is the third time that my father has run the Comrades. In previous years he has missed the 12 hour cut-off by minutes. This year however  the Comrades Whisperer (me) was on hand to murmur words of encouragement, and he made it to the finish line with 9 minutes to spare.   sunriseWatching the sunrise from the window of my hotel room (Durban Spa). I absolutely loved the weather in Durban.  The warm  winter days were such a welcome relief to Cape Town’s wet and utterly miserable weather.sunrise2Photo of turtle taken at Ushaka Marine World. I was captivated by the humongous range of pretty fish on display in Ushaka’s aquarium. CAPTIVATED. I would have been more than happy to spend an entire day marveling at the colourful fish.  Ushaka

 Durban Fun World.


Just in case I don’t get around to giving a blow-by-blow account of my 2013 trip (highly likely), here are the highlights (and lowlights) of my adventure.

Day 1 – Mthatha

Day 2 – East London

I stay at The Tides, B&B. I am immediately impressed with the place. The tub is HUGE (capital letters for emphasis) and I spend hours splashing around in it. The proximity of the B&B to the ocean means that I fall asleep to the sound of the waves crashing.

Day 5 – Durban


Photo taken from one of the piers in Durban. 

My dad completes the Comrades Ultra-marathon. I run the last 5km with him, screaming encouraging words like, “Stop whimpering, you nancy and get a move on!” Oh, I kid.

Day 9 – Maputo, Mozambique

My bankcard stops working. I freak out. How’s a person supposed to survive in a foreign country without money? Prostitution.

I will later learn that my card only works at a Barclays ATM.

At 17:00 I board an Intercape bus for Vilanculos. At 23:20 I wake up to find the cops beating up my bus driver.

Day 10 – Vilanculos, Mozambique

I arrive at Pambara, a bus stop 20km from my backpackers. I arrive at 04:00 in morning. At 04:00 Pambara is dark and desolate. There are no streetlights. Just empty trucks and wooden structures, which I am only assume serve as “restaurants” during the day. Oh and there were 3 inhabitants, who may or may not have been hiding machetes under their blankets.

I call a number given to me by a guy I’d just met on the bus. (One day, someday my face will appear on the back of a milk carton.) The guy on the other end agrees to pick me up for MTn1000. I gasp. It’s daylight robbery. But he’s got me by the short and curlies. I have no other options. He knows this, I know this. I agree to his price meekly.

Day 12 – Vilanculos, Mozambique

Cazz, Cougar and I pay MTn2700 (about R900) for a dhow safari to Bazaruto Island. After a bumpy ride that leads to me ponder out loud, “Perhaps we should be WEARING these life jackets instead of sitting on them”, our engine fails. We wade to one of the islands. We wait for hours to be rescued. We do NOT end up at the Bazaruto Island. We do NOT end up snorkelling. We do NOT get a full refund. What we get is a offer of supper with the organiser’s family OR R200 back. We take the money.

Day 15 – Tofo, Mozambique

I take a chapa (local transport) to Pambara. (I plan to dedicate an entire blog post to the description of the chapa.) From Pambara an Intercape bus to Maxixe, then a ferry to Inhambane and a then a taxi to Tofo.

Day 16 – Tofo, Mozambique

My ocean safari trip is cancelled. To make up for my disappointment, the trip organiser offers to show me Tofinho. During his guided tour he asks, “When are you coming back to Mozambique?”

Me: I don’t know.

Him: You know when I guys asks when you’re coming back, he likes you.

Me: That’s smooth.


Day 18 – Maputo and Johannesburg

I change my flight details and come home early.