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It the second week of November and I feel compelled to put fingers to keyboard, compelled to recap these last few weeks, compelled to tell you that I still exist.


The thing is, since being back from Cali I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished much. I haven’t booked a one-way ticket to Japan. I haven’t mastered the art of Python scripting or HTML5. And I most certainly have put an end to world hunger. I’ve spent the 3 months getting back to my pre-travel fitness level and training for the Winelands Marathon.


Pre-travel fitness

Getting back to my pre-travel fitness level was easy enough. It took me 5 weeks of consistent training. 5 of hill repeats, 5 weeks of leaving parties early and repeating to myself that “This is the life I’ve chosen”, 5 weeks of consuming GU for breakfast. Easy enough!


Insert humble brag here. A couple of weeks ago, I ran the Landmarks half-marathon (21km).It’s a tough route. I did last year and was completely gutted. I just walked so much. No matter how hard I tried to will my body, my legs simply wouldn’t comply. I ended up finishing the race in 2:11. This year? This year I managed sub 2. Redemption, baby!


Winelands Marathon  

Where do I even start with this one? There was definitely fear, and anxiety, and despondency.


I have not been able to keep up with my partners’ running pace. I have been lagging behind, and have not clocked in as my kilometers as they have. This had made me feel panicked and uncertain.


The result is that I may have asked strangers on Twitter to break my foot IF I did not finish the Winelands Marathon in less than 5 hours (qualifying time for an Ultra). All they had to do was drop a sledgehammer on my right-foot, since it already felt like it had a stress fracture. (Side note: That foot only hurts when I walk. It’s TOTALLY fine when I run.)


With less than a week to the marathon, I’m no longer feeling this way. I’m feeling calm. I’ve told myself that I don’t need to finish this marathon in sub 4 hours. There’ll be plenty of other marathons. All I need to do for now is qualify for Comrades. And set a new PB for a marathon … Easy. No pressure.


AND now for a random quote:

“I didn’t fall in love, I rose in it. I saw you and made up my mind.” Toni Morrison

A few days ago I attended a baby shower for my friend, Annie. Her baby girl, Alex Kirsten is due in March.

Annie is the type of girl, who wears make-up EVERY SINGLE day. (I am the type of girl, who thinks that brushing her hair is a major accomplishment.

But Annie isn’t just a poised and polished woman. She’s had a major impact on my life. This year she said something that completely altered the way I view myself.

A few weeks ago, I uploaded a photo to Facebook. Annie not only liked the photo, but went so far as to lift her fingers and type the words, “You really need to do something with your talent.” THESE words have altered my perception of self and my hobby.

So Annie, thanks. Thank you for seeing my potential. I hope your daughter turns into a healthy, fearless and accomplished individual. But mostly I hope that you never ask me to babysit. I’m terrible with kids. I once secured my cousin’s disposal nappy with masking tape.

Alex Kirsten - baby shower

Lee-ann and niece

Baby girl Alex

Warda Rose Jane

The first time someone asked to take my photo, I was on Elephant Island. On that day, I would write the following note in my journal, “I am like a mini-celebrity in India. Guys keep staring at me and taking my photo. Must be the copious amount of Tabard I am wearing. Guys can’t resist the smell of insect repellent.”


Old man - Jaipur
Taken at the Amer Fort in Jaipur. If you look closely enough you can see the elephants in the background.

On Monday, I found out via Twitter that my dear friends, Dizzy* and Juan are engaged. To be married. To each other. This is what Juan had to say about the engagement, “It was touch and go,but in the end the brainwashing and breaking down of her self-esteem worked!”

God, I love you guys and I wish you everything of the best.