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A few days ago my dear friend, The Technician, who lives all the way in Canada, asked me what I planned to tackle next on my bucket list. My bucket list as it currently stands, is incomplete and …  Well, I’m really not sure I WANT to have kids. They just seem like so much effort. And sacrifice. And come on, have we met me? I’m the girl, who once used masking tape to secure her baby cousin’s DISPOSAL nap.    


Anyhoo, we’re not here to discuss my inadequacies. Well, not today anyway. Today we’re here to talk about goals and “life buckets”. And things I’d like to accomplish in 2012. All of this is inspired by “Nicole is better”.


List of Things I’d Like to Accomplish in 2012


  • Run a 10km race in 60 minutes (My current PB stands at 63 minutes.)
  • Run a 21km in under 2:17
  • Run a 30km race


  • One international trip
  • One local trip (This one should be fairly easy to accomplish. Work will be hosting a conference in Kruger National Park and I’m hoping to send a couple of days there, at my own expense of course. I’m also hoping to combine this trip with a trip to Mozambique.)
  • Road trip to Bainskloof. (I’ve been talking about this one for ages, but yet to arrange something!)

Extreme Sports

  • Go stand-up paddle boarding (I’ve already purchase a groupon coupon. All I need do is, use it before 11 January.)
  • Abseil off Table Mountain (Yet another thing I’ve talked about, but have yet to organise.)
  • Surf at least once a month


  • Read 2 books per month*


  • Try a new dessert recipe at least once a month
  • Eat pizza at Massimo’s in Hout Bay


  • Take photos each weekend

* Have just ordered The Rum Diary by Hunter S Thompson. So excited.


Photo taken at Surfer’s Corner, Muizenberg.