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Yesterday I was lucky enough to watch two really inspiring TED Talks – Brené Brown’s The power of vulnerability and Amanda Fucking Palmer’s The art of asking.

If you’ve read my blog post yesterday, you’ll also know that I preferred Amanda Fucking Palmer’s talk to Brené’s. Amanda Fucking Palmer talks from personal experience. She talks about her first job standing on a milk crate, dressed as a bride, asking for money in exchange for a paper flower. When strangers offered her money, she would hand them a flower and look deeply into their eyes. And her look would say, “Thank you. I see you.” And strangers would often return a look that said, “No one sees me.” And this is pretty much the point at which I teared up.

Amanda Fucking Palmer goes on to say that one day she was standing on her crate, when someone screamed at her to get a fucking job. And even though this happened years ago (she’s now a famous musician), you can tell that the memory still hurts her. She then goes on to talk about the fear of shame and why people are so reluctant to ask for money. She also talks about why people shouldn’t be forced to pay for music, but should rather willingly donate money to the cause.

Brené’s talk is a little more academic. She talks about what she’s learnt after years of research. Of course, this doesn’t mean that her presentation doesn’t have any merits. Anyway, here’s what I took away from her talk:

  • Vulnerability is necessary and should be embraced.
  • Vulnerability allows us to be authentic and to connect with others.
  • You cannot numb pain, hurt and anger. Numbing those emotions means that you’ll numb others, like happiness and love.
  • To be truly happy and to live a life of fulfilment, you need to have the courage to be imperfect and believe that you are worthy of love and belonging. To need courage to be vulnerable. You need courage to risk something with no guarantees. You need courage to say “I love you” first.
  • You also need to be compassionate – to others and yourself.
  • You need to believe that you are enough.
  • You need to practice joy and gratitude.

Anyway, if you have 30 minutes to spare (each video is about 15 minutes long) and the bandwidth, then check out their TED Talks.