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It’s round about this time that I lose track of time. I no longer keep track of the days.

I regret not hiring a kayak while in Wilderness National Park. I’d seen the shape of the waves and been afraid.

I walk elephants. I hold an elephant by it’s trunk. At one point it hits me, I walking a fucking elephant, an animal large enough to trample me to death.

I meet a Canadian, who plans to walk from Cape Town to Cairo. The journey will take him two years.

I share an eight-man dorm with a snorer. His snoring isn’t consistent. There are long pauses between the roaring noise. His snoring wakes everyone up. At one point, one of my roommates jumped from the top bunk bed and screamed at the snorer, “Jy snork poes erg!”
Translation: You snore fucking badly!
The snorer does not wake up.

We don’t have forever
Baby daylight’s wasting
You better kiss me
Before our time is run out

XO – John Mayer
(I am LOVING John Mayer’s version of Beyonce’s song, XO. )

Setting sun, sand dunes, Eastern Cape

Eastern Cape - setting sun

The above photos were taken in Eastern Cape. I don’t have much to say about the Eastern Cape. I didn’t really have to explore. I was there for work (a conference). And only managed to take these photos of the setting sun because I’d skipped a few sessions.

I board a plane tomorrow. I’m off to Durban. My dad’s running his fourth Comrades Ultra-Marathon and I plan run the last 20km with him. (Whenever I think of the Comrades or Two Oceans Ultra-Marathon, I can’t help but thinking that it’s my destiny” to run two major races.)

The following photos were taken at Limbe Wildlife Sanctuary.

Mandrill, Cameroon

Prison Break

Crocodile - Cameroon

Drill at Limbe Wildlife Sanctuary

Highlights of my visit:

  • Watching a gorilla try to extract a leave from the other side of the electric fence, without getting shocked. These creatures are amazingly smart.
  • Seeing my very first mandrill, with their pastel-coloured asses and bright red faces.
  • Being pelted with soil and rocks by the bad-tempered chimpanzees.