Above photo taken in New York.

The following passage from Hell’s Angels haunts me. Sensitive readers be warned!

At a party many months after I first met the Angles when they were still taking my presence for granted, I came on a scene that still hovers, in my mind, somewhere between a friendly sex orgy and an all-out gang rape. It was not an Angel party, but they had been invited, and twenty or so showed up for what turned into a two-day bash. Almost immediately several of the outlaws located a girl, the ex-wife of another guest, who agreed to make the beast with two backs in a small building set apart from the main house. Which she did, and happily so, with the chosen trio. But word quickly spread of the ‘new mama’, and soon she was surrounded by a large group of onlookers … drinking and taking a quick turn whenever some vacancy occurred.

I keep a crumpled yellow note from that night; not all of the writing is decipherable, but some of it reads like this: ‘Pretty girl about twenty-five lying on the wooden floor, two or three on her at the time, one kneeling between her legs, one sitting on her face and somebody holding her feet … teeth and tongues and public hair, dim light in a wooden shack, sweat and semen gleaming on her thighs and stomach, standing around yelling, wearing no pants, waiting first second or third turns … girl jerking and moaning, not fighting, clinging, seems drunk, incoherent, not knowing, drowning …’  

Hell’s Angels – a haunting scene

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