Photograph taken in San Francisco. 

I’ve just finished reading, “N.P.” by Banana Yoshimoto. It’s an odd book and it tries to touch on many themes: suicide, lesbianism, incest, abortion, the occult and drugging your friend.


“How were her father and Otohiko different? With millions of men on the earth, why did she choose her own relatives?

Sui was selective about what she believed.

There’s no such thing as perfect love. If you and Otohiko break up, he will be relieved too.

Are you happy with your life up to this point? It’s your fault that nothing good has happened to you.

Despite her arrogance, she was well aware that hers was a slender existence. She believed in the groans of that dubious soul, and the brilliance of her own tuition.

She possessed a life force that was fundamental and untamed. She was like a kitten who is flung into muddy water and cries pitifully but still survives. Shoji lacked that tenacity, and people like Otohiko and I are unable to believe in it completely and remain ambivalent.”

Extract from N.P. and a photograph

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