About a month or two ago, I booked a plane ticket to Victoria Falls. I didn’t do much research before booking the ticket.


I booked the ticket because I wanted to escape the Cape Town winter and craved the warmth of the sun on my skin. I booked the ticket because I couldn’t get the idea that it has been almost a month since I last visited a new country. I booked the ticket because for the longest time ever I had stared at a pamphlet of the Victoria Falls Marathon on my fridge. I booked the ticket because Victoria Falls Airport is only a 45 minute flight from Johannesburg International. I booked the ticket because I had the money.


If I’d done the research I would have known that there is more than one way to fly to Victoria Falls. I flew from Cape Town to Victoria Falls Airport in Zimbabwe, via Johannesburg. If I’d done my research I’d have known that I could have flown to Victoria Falls via Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport in Livingstone, Zambia. If I’d known this I would have checked flight prices for both airports and might have scored a better deal.


If I’d done my research then I’d have known that South African’s don’t have to pay any visa fees for Zambia or Zimbabwe.


If I’d done my research I’d have known that the walk down to the falls is closed on the Zimbabwean side.


(Note: Even though I didn’t know any of the above-mentioned facts I still visited both sides of the falls.)


Here are some pictures taken on my first day of the trip.
At present, the data will only be able for viewing from the interactive map. Please let me know if we can make this information available for download too.

Travel Diary: Victoria Falls Day 1

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