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I am going to be a bridesmaid! I am going to be a bridesmaid! I am going to be a bridesmaid! And I’m not sure if you can tell, but I am really, really, really excited about the prospect. Not only because I get to wear a pretty dress, but because I get to celebrate the love of two very special people. But mainly because I get to wear a really pretty dress.

I spent the last few days in Durban, running the last 20km of the Comrades Ultra with my dad, admiring the fish at uShaka Aquarium and walking barefoot on the beach.

My dad managed to complete the 89km race, from Pietermaritzburg to Durban, within the 12 hour cut-off (11:46 exact). The run from Pietermaritzburg to Durban is termed the “down” run. Whilst the run from Durban to Pietermaritzburg is referred to as the “up” run and is 2km shorter. Each year the route alternates between the “up” and “down” run. Because my dad managed to complete both back-to-back runs within the cut-off time, he was awarded two medals this year.

I hope to one day complete the Comrades. I hope to one day run a marathon in under 5 hours. I hope to one day run the Victoria Falls Marathon. I hope to hike the Fish River Canyon. Here’s hoping I can tick one of those items off my list this year.

Anyway, I’m back in Cape Town and having a hard time adjusting to the cold weather.

I’ve only managed to read one book from cover to cover this year (Shantaram) and I really had to force myself to finish reading the novel. I started reading several books, but most of them so dull that reading felt like a chore.

Durban photos
I took the following photos at uShaka Marine World.
Turtle, uShaka, Durban

Jellyfish, uShaka, sister and her husband

This was the weekend I didn’t run. I didn’t lace up takkies at 05:30 to clock in some kilometres. I didn’t think about how each step makes me stronger. I didn’t dream of how wonderful it would be to cross a half-marathon finish line in under two hours. This is the weekend I slept in (08:30). And I marvelled at how glorious THIS is.

This is the weekend I didn’t watch the next few episodes of “House of Cards”. I didn’t yearn for Claire Underwood’s wardrobe. I didn’t wonder what it says about ME, that I cannot hate Frank Underwood’s character. This is the weekend I finally got around to watching “The Book Thief”. And I wept.

This is the weekend I didn’t pick up a novel. So unusual.

This is the weekend I didn’t devour an entire mango. This is the weekend I didn’t think about how I had fresh pineapple juice every day in India, and how I miss that, and how I really should invest in a juicer. This is the weekend I cooked for someone other than myself.

This is the weekend I didn’t feel compelled to spend Saturday night socialising. This is the weekend I was more than happy to vegetate on the couch and watch mind-numbing TV (Step up 3).

This is the weekend I finally got around to editing some of my photos taken in Mozambique, more than 6 months ago. This is the weekend I remembered how hard I fell for Tofo. My fellow travellers – so friendly and entertaining. The stars – incomparably beautiful. I need to go back.

Boats - Vilanculos

Tattoos - Mozambique

Tofo - first night

Mozambique - cricket

This is the weekend I didn’t run.


I’ve recently added extreme tree camping to my bucket list.

A few days ago I attended a baby shower for my friend, Annie. Her baby girl, Alex Kirsten is due in March.

Annie is the type of girl, who wears make-up EVERY SINGLE day. (I am the type of girl, who thinks that brushing her hair is a major accomplishment.

But Annie isn’t just a poised and polished woman. She’s had a major impact on my life. This year she said something that completely altered the way I view myself.

A few weeks ago, I uploaded a photo to Facebook. Annie not only liked the photo, but went so far as to lift her fingers and type the words, “You really need to do something with your talent.” THESE words have altered my perception of self and my hobby.

So Annie, thanks. Thank you for seeing my potential. I hope your daughter turns into a healthy, fearless and accomplished individual. But mostly I hope that you never ask me to babysit. I’m terrible with kids. I once secured my cousin’s disposal nappy with masking tape.

Alex Kirsten - baby shower

Lee-ann and niece

Baby girl Alex

Warda Rose Jane

Art, elephants, colour, India

Doors - Blue City

Jodhpur walls

Blue City

Boy feeding the raptors

The above photos were taken at the Mehrangarth Fort in Jodhpur. The Mehrangarth Fort is where the latest Batman movie (The Dark Knight Rises) was shot. The Mehrangarth Fort is where I spent the first day of 2014 – ziplining across dams. The Mehrangarth Fort is where I watched a young boy feed dozens of raptors (eagles?) pieces of meat. *Sigh*. I only wish I’d taken more photos to capture the exquisite moments.

Grainy photo
The above grainy photo was taken with my cell phone. I was too afraid of taking my DSLR with me, as I ziplined from one to the other.

Colourful elephants

Elephants - Jaipur

Old man - Jaipur

View from Amer Fort, Jaipur

Mirrors - Amer Fort


I’ve been back home (Cape Town) for less than a month and I’ve already planned my next two adventures. The first adventure on the agenda is a trip to Joburg. A few girlfriends and I are planning to attend a concert there. Plane, train AND concert tickets have already been purchased. Yes, that’s right, we’ve purchased TRAIN tickets from Cape Town to Joburg. That’s a 26 hour journey!

The second adventure on the agenda is a family trip to Durban. I an’t wait to cycle along the Durban beach front.

After spending two days in Udaipur, we headed off to Jodhpur. We’d hired a driver to take us there and included two scheduled stops along the way: Kumbhalgarh Fort and a Jain Temple.

Kumbhulgarth Fort is the second longest wall, next to The Great Wall of China. The architecture itself is simplistic, but the view from the top was absolutely spectacular and I couldn’t help but wish that I’d invested in wide-angle lens.

View from the top - Kumbhalgarh Fort

Indian girl staring

Spire Kumbhalgarh Fort

Camel - Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarh Fort

From the very minute I set foot in Udaipur, I fell in love with the city. Slap, bang, irrevocably in love. The city is vibrant and bursting with colour.

According to Wiki, Udaipur is referred to as the “Venice of the East”. It’s a reputation well earned. Udaipur has FIVE major lakes. Unfortunately we only managed to view one lake – Lake Pichola.

Udaipur - water, pillars, architecture
Lake Pichola.

Donkeys hauling sand
Donkeys hauling sanding. The donkeys were herded by women. I found this quite strange.

Kingfisher - Udaipur
Photo of a Kingfisher.

Blue & white
Photo taken at Jag Mandir, a palace built on an island in Lake Pichola.

Blending in with the flowers
As you can tell from the photo above, I am incapable of smiling.

The first time someone asked to take my photo, I was on Elephant Island. On that day, I would write the following note in my journal, “I am like a mini-celebrity in India. Guys keep staring at me and taking my photo. Must be the copious amount of Tabard I am wearing. Guys can’t resist the smell of insect repellent.”


Old man - Jaipur
Taken at the Amer Fort in Jaipur. If you look closely enough you can see the elephants in the background.

My biggest irritation with India was the spitting. Or more accurately, my biggest irritation with India was that SOUND that accompanied the spitting. That gawking sound that let everyone within a 2km radius know, that he (and it was always a HE) was searching for arsenal (phlegm) from deep within. THAT sound.

I’d heard that sound from our hotel chef and my stomach churned.

We were sitting on the rooftop of our hotel, watching a group of dancers balance a couple of clay pots on their heads, when I heard THAT sound. From our chef. He was busy preparing the barbecue chicken. And I couldn’t help but wonder what he planned to do with that accumulation. He sure as hell wasn’t planning to store his bounty in his mouth until after he’d prepared the meal.

Anyway, here are some more photos of my trip:

Cherai Beach, Kerala

Cherai Beach, Kerala


Munnar, India

Camel - Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarth, India

Our train to Agra was late. By two hours. While waiting for our train, I took photos of random strangers.

Scenes from the train station - headed to Agra