Some random photos (left to right):

  1. Tortoise spotted at work
  2. Protea
  3. Sunset over Sea Point swimming pool

I am currently reading Jazz by Toni Morrison.

Here’s an extract from the novel:

“Dorcas has been acknowledged, appraised and dismissed in the time it takes for a needle to find its opening groove. The stomach-jump of possible love is nothing compared to the ice floes that block up her veins now. The body she inhabits is unworthy. Although it is young and all she has, it is as if it had decayed on the vine at budding time. No wonder Neola closed her arm and held the pieces of her heart in her hand.

So by the time Joe Trace whispered to her through the crack of a closing door her life had become almost unbearable. Almost. The flesh, heavily despised by the brothers, held secret the love appetite soaring inside it.”

And if you’re looking to kill more time at work, may I suggest the following articles:

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  4. Bad blogging in Turin, my favourite city in Italy

Some random photos and a quote from Jazz

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