• In space, simply getting dressed for work is an hour-long undertaking. You’ve got your Thermal Comfort Undergarment, your Liquid Cooling and Ventilation Garment, your Boot Sizing Inserts, your Lower Torso Assembly, your Arm Assemblies and Hard Upper Torso, your gloves with individual finger adjustments, your bioinstrumentation system, your communications assembly, and your helmet.”
  • David Sedaris on China, “What you’re hearing, that incessant guttural hiss, is the sound of one person, and then another, dredging up phlegm, seemingly from the depths of his or her soul.”
  • Mary Roach researches the strangest things. “What you would not learn is why the FDA might put a limit on insects’ heads and not other parts of their anatomy, what rat excreta tastes like and what sort of person takes a job that entails searching for insect heads in fig cookie innards.”
  • Currently reading Brene Brown’s “Rising Strong“.
  • Suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge. “The only way to keep people like these from jumping would be to put up fencing, which the Bridge District thinks would spoil the view.”

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